• “JINSA” series dried flowers, totally 5 kinds and nearly 500 items, are the dominant products of the company. Among these, the “JINSA” dried flower is an international original design, it’s supplied an international invention in dried flowers industry, and it is the biggest brightness in the dried flowers market. It’s very welcomed by our clients and has gained many awards.

  • Hold Flowers
  • Flower Piles
  • Fruit Bags
  • Sachets

  • The company perfects itself during its development. We have passed ISO9001: 2000and ISO14001: 2004, and its products are appraised as 3-star international brand and the famous brand in Hebei province, and we’ve completed the international registeration of our trademark, and some products have gained the patent protection....

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  • It’s been appraised as one of the top-ten best flowers company and the advancing company in profiting foreign currency by both the provintional and the city government.

  • Summary:


  • Baoding Jinsa ...

  • Summary:


  • Baoding Jinsa Arts&Crafts Co.,ltd,a joint venture, which produces and exports handmade dried flowers, set up in 1992. It has 5 subsidiary companies, 2 technology experimental factories and more than 10 plantations. And it’s grown a large dried flower company integrating scientific research, plantation, production, and sale. We have established cooperation with more...

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